Outstanding Beers Brewed in the Heart of Rural Sussex.

A Taste of the Countryside.

'The Three Acres'

Where our story began.

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What do our drinkers say?

On our Best Bitter:

"Lovely local traditional beer."

Chris, at the Crown Inn.

On our West Coast Pale:


Greg, at the Bedford.

On our West Coast Pale:

"Lovely beer, heavy on the hop, soft on the pallet. I can't wait for the Golden!"


On our West Coast Pale:

"Really rather good! Bright, light and very easy to drink. A sessioner and no mistake."

James E.

"Lovely little session pale. Yum."

Simon, at the Nevill Crest & Gun.

Jamie: "Great to see that you got through your first cask!"

"That's because it's not shit."

Lee, at the Anchor.

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