Our Story

The Three Acres

Brewery co-founders Jamie, Chester and Peter have been close friends since primary school. An inseparable trio, their days were mostly spent outside, riding bikes and playing cricket – all in the ‘Three Acres’. They still do, with a few evenings at the pub thrown in for good measure.

Growing up in the Sussex countryside, surrounded by farmland, the boys gained a great respect for the outdoors, good beer and the British country pub. 

All of these things, alongside a growing interest in home-brewing, inspired the three of them to start Three Acre Brewery in the autumn of 2018. 

The Beer Festival

The Blackboys is a 14th Century Sussex Inn - and the nearest pub to the Three Acres. We had been to the annual Blackboys Beer Festival every year of our lives, so no pressure launching there! We spent most of the day pacing circles in the Brewery and making our way through the odd anti-stress pint.

The next day, we met some old friends and family and tried Three Acre from a bar for the first time. To cut a long story short - the Three Acre Best and Session Pale were the first barrels at the festival to go empty. All gone by the end of Day Two...

Cask Beer

We specialise in cask beer and believe that there's nothing better than a pint of Three Acre pulled from a pub tap.

Our repertoire changes with the seasons, inspired by the Sussex countryside that surrounds us. 

Each one of our casks is conditioned at the brewery for just the right amount of time, depending on the style, to bring you a reliably satisfying pint every time.

Small Batch, High Quality

Every beer we produce is hand-crafted on a small scale, receiving great care and attention from our Head Brewer.

All of our bottles are cask-conditioned and filled by hand, making the process a true labour of love. 

We're proud to offer a range of quality real ales, showcasing the very best of Sussex brewing. 

But don't just take our word for it!