Three Acre Brewery

Our Story

The Three Acres

Brewery co-founders Jamie, Chester and Peter became best friends when they were eight years old. An inseparable trio, their days were mostly spent outside, riding bikes and playing cricket – all in the ‘Three Acres’. They still do, with a few evenings at the pub thrown in for good measure.

Growing up in the Sussex countryside, surrounded by farmland, the boys gained a great respect for the outdoors, good beer and the British country pub. 

The Brewshed

One Christmas, Jamie got hold of a home-brewing kit. They set it up in Peter’s garden shed - which quickly became known as the 'Brewshed' - and brewing became a new group project.

Having put their copious knowledge of local beers to good use (developed over the course of many, many Friday evenings), they tasted their ‘no.8 IPA’. With its balance of hoppy and mangoey flavours, they knew they were onto something. Friends and family were soon asking for more. They brewed more and more, refining their craft, whilst exploring traditional ale styles, researching brewing techniques, and creating names and logos. Before long, ‘Three Acre Brewery’ was born. 

The Farm

After uni was over and done with, it was time to take things up a notch. They got themselves a 5-barrel brewing kit and spent the summer of 2019 setting up the brewery in a farm building just down the road from the Three Acres.

After blankly staring at various pipes and connectors, enjoying a couple of small explosions, and eventually drinking many celebratory pints, they were almost ready to go. They spent the rest of the summer perfecting their beers, going back and forth between the Brewshed and the Brewery, and preparing for the local beer festival in September - where their first beers would make their debut. 

The Beer Festival

The Blackboys is a 14th Century Sussex Inn - and the nearest pub to the Three Acres. The boys had been to its annual Beer Festival pretty much every year, all of their lives (on the J2Os until age 18, don't panic), so no pressure launching there! They spent most of that day pacing circles in the Brewery and making their way through the odd anti-stress pint.

The next day, they met some old friends and family and tried Three Acre from a bar for the first time. To cut a long story short - the Three Acre Best and Session Pale were the first barrels at the festival to go empty. All gone by the end of Day Two...

Local Pubs

Since the Beer Festival, our beers have been appearing on select pub taps across Kent and Sussex. 

Working with other small local businesses, especially pubs, has always been important to us - and it's more crucial now than ever.