Our Beers

3AB straight to your doorstep.

A bit like the milkman, but better.


West Coast Pale - 3.9% ABV

A special relationship of UK and US hops create powerful citrus and stone fruit flavours in our session West Coast Pale Ale.

Hazy Pale - 4.6% ABV

Our original session pale has taken some time off, done some growing up, and is back on the scene bursting with hops.

Extra Pale - 4.5% ABV

A clean, refreshing and light pale ale, finished with an exciting new generation of English hops – giving their American cousins a run for their money. 

Best Bitter - 4%  ABV

Our take on the classic best bitter. This beer uses traditional English hops to create a reliable, satisfying pub favourite.  

Golden - 4% ABV

A floral, modern take on the traditional English Golden Ale.

No.8 IPA - 4.7% ABV

Where it all started for 3AB. With bold citrus and subtle tropical fruit flavours, the No.8 IPA was born for the pub garden.