Hayloft Lager

Every summer on the farm, we help our good friend, farmer Justin, with the end of baling season.

Once the bales have been brought from the fields surrounding the brewery into the farmyard, most can be lifted into place using machinery - until you reach the very top, just beneath the barn roof. That last row of bales has to be stacked by hand, which is always a huge team effort.

It was in that dusty summer heat, up in the rafters of the barn, where Justin, Jamie, Peter and the gang soundly agreed that they needed an ice cold lager to cool down. That was what inspired the Hayloft Lager: cool, crisp, and refreshing, with a meadow-like aroma.

The Hayloft is a fusion of premium lager ingredients and a carefully selected English hop, resulting in a satisfying, light golden coloured, German Pilsner with a soft splash of floral flavours.