Hazy Pale

The Hazy is our most hop-forward beer, which creates those juicy flavours and - of course - its natural haze.

It first launched in the autumn of 2020 as a special, with a single, limited-run brew.

When the second lockdown arrived in November, we still had a few casks of Hazy left in the brewery, which suddenly had nowhere to go. We refused to pour them down the drain, but we needed a master plan - and fast.

We got hold of a batch of milk cartons, which we could hand-fill straight from our casks, and got the word out in the local area. We could never have guessed how popular the cartons would become. In particular, the Hazy quickly became a local favourite, overtaking even the Best Bitter for a short period of time.

Despite the sunsetting of the lockdown cartons, and its 'limited-run' beginnings, the Hazy Pale is very much here to stay.