India Pale Ale

Back in early 2018, in a garden shed, the original 3AB IPA was born. 

At the time, it was known as the 'No.8 IPA' - not because it was our 8th IPA, but because it was our 8th test brew of anything at all!

It's safe to say that test brews 1 - 7 weren't much to write home about. But then... the No.8 had sweet tropical, mango notes to it, perfectly balanced with a gentle wave of bitterness.

It was then that we knew we were onto something. It wasn't long afterwards that we decided to work towards making Three Acre Brewery a reality. 

Our official Three Acre IPA is inspired by the No.8, but refined with ingredients and techniques informed by our three years' experience of brewing ever since. It's tasting better than ever, but it will always remind us of the early days.