Ruby Porter

The Ruby Porter started its life in the winter of 2020, as a seasonal special.

Based on a traditional style, steeped in history, this is technically a Brown Porter – differing from its ‘Robust Porter’ cousin with its lighter, lower-ABV, easier-drinking nature. The ‘Porter’ style originally took its name from street and river porters in London, with whom it was popular during the 18th Century.

Despite it being more sessionable, the Ruby is crafted to be uncompromising on flavour, especially with its deep, rich cocoa notes. For this very reason, it was the first of our beers to become award-winning – with SIBA Bronze and Great Taste awards firmly under its belt.

We couldn’t be more proud of this beer, as the perfect example of our grain-forward brewing philosophy. It marks the beginnings of our foray into dark beers, too, leading to the development of the Bonfire Beer, the Christmas Old Ale, and the Charcoal Mild.

The Porter is wonderfully versatile, too. It hits the spot at room temperature or chilled, works ideally as an all-evening sessioner or an after-dinner tipple, and pairs perfectly with all kinds of foods – whether it’s a roast dinner, a cheese board, or a box of chocolates.

If you know somebody who thinks they don’t like dark beers, give them a taste of our Porter. It has been known to convert a sceptic or two…